What was your last comment when you saw yourself in the mirror? Was it about how pretty you look or was it about fixing yourself up in some way?

Growing up I loved myself, my eyes were my priced possession I would stand in front of the mirror and YELL out to my mum of how beautiful her daughter(AKA ME) was.

Self -love is GREAT!! but in my case it was not helping me as I paid no notice/ care of my lifestyle, my looks or my weight. Despite everything, I loved myself, rocked in confidence!

Are you one like me? Do you love yourself too much that you are not self aware? Or are you one of us who wished, you had better eyes, nose from your mother , ears from your father, color from both mum and dad yet a teeny bit yellow, tan etc etc 

I have news for both!!

Do you struggle with self image?

Hey gurrlll!! you are not alone, did you know 4 in 5 women have low self esteem? Well the remedy is simple, look into the mirror, look at your reflection, not to focus on your appearance or to imagine how it looked to others, but to simply acknowledge yourself and get in touch with how you felt.

Doing this over time, you will find a way to look past the imperfections in your appearance and see deeper into your own eyes with compassion.

Tadaaaa!! and just like that you are no more the one with low self esteem anymore

Do you love yourself too much? Check Check!

Self love is GREAT!! buttttt make sure you love the right things about yourself. For instance, embracing your flaws are great but not doing anything about them while you still can is toxic! Trust me, I know this!! I have been here, done this and if I have one thing to say! “WAKE UP GURLLLLL”

Sooo, recently i discovered the Stephen Covey’s, “CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE”

So, we all have the above 3 circles in each of our lives.

Circle of Control :
Which simply translates into things that are under our control – like what time you get up for instance or what dress you choose to wear etc.,

Circle of Influence :
These are things that are not under our direct control but are in which we can make a difference. For instance, if you are worried about a problem but have no control over it you can simply create awareness or make small changes which will eventually make a difference hence you are creating a circle of influence.


Circle of Beyond : We often drain all our energy worrying about things which we cannot control or influence – like bigger issues such as climate change etc., 

So if there are things you love about yourself and you identify them as a flaw, in my instance, it was being obese. I loved my body, everything about it and was in complete rebellion to change my lifestyle; however, one day when it dawned to me of how unhealthy I lived, I realised my Circle of control and took charge.

Later I created content, a social media page EMBRACE YOUR WONDER and spread the awareness of how to lose weight this was my circle of influence.

However, I realise 5% of Indian population is facing morbid obesity, but that is my circle of beyond.