About me

Priyanka Yisrael

Who am I? Well, I am a hill born girl with dreams beyond myself & hence entrusting it to the greater power. I am a work in progress and I constantly thrive and DO NOT just survive. I love people and company. I am passionate about education & striving hard to create my own magic in this field. 

I love to do up my space and try to have things organised. I am really quick to cleave to people I love but also careful to leave when they are not my vibe. The only thing I like to “KEEP IT SIMPLE” is relationships.

Chief Operating Officer


Community advocate



empowerment champion



Early Days

I was born and raised in the Queen of Hills – Ooty. I was not a very active kid and struggled with my own identity, being the last kid and having siblings way older to me added to the mix. My childhood was pretty much messed up and hence the big part of my passion comes from what I experienced as a child. It’s one thing to dwell in the pain and let it scar you for life passing it to generations and there is the other, where you change your pain into purpose. I am the latter.

I have a background in computer science. I did my UG in my home town and for PG I went to The UK, where I understood life and started to live it the way I wanted to. Embracing my identity was the first in the process. So as an engineer, I started my career working as a Web Developer and soon realised my Managerial and Entrepreneurial skills and now manage my own company co-founded with my husband as a Chief Operating Officer.




Better Half

I am married to the love of my life Deepak Yisrael, who I had the privilege of growing up with from a boy to the wonderful man he is now. He is a passionate, romantic, and a perfect gentleman. We are together over a decade and married since 6th May 2022. We enjoy the little things and constantly work on ourselves to be better than yesterday.